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Buffet Master is Out!
February 2, 2018

Well it's been a slightly longer than anticipated road to completion, but Buffet Master is ready to go! Come check it out in our online store! In other news, the reprint of Raft Race has also been completed, so after a another proof that will also be available. Welcome to 2018!


The following is a sample of a few turns of Hungry Hungry Hipsters, demonstrated just for you!

Meet Mister Hipster

Hello! Meet your new friend, Mister Hipster. Mister Hipster will be your opponent in this two-player game today (generally it is not advisable to play less than a 3 player game, because it is less fun, but you can). All images are taken from this same perspective of "yourself" as the camera with Mister Hipster across from you. Click on an image to enlarge it.
Game Setup

To setup the game, create a pile of shuffled "food" cards and "modifier" cards in the center of the play area. "Food" cards say "food" on the back, the "modifier" cards have the game's name on the back. Each player receives 1 food card from the food pile. Place the food card face-up in front of the player. Each player is dealt a hand of 4 cards from the modifier pile. The hand is held and hidden from the other players, but for the purposes of this demonstration the hands are shown.
Turn 1

Mister Hipster has the first turn, because he has the coolest glasses.
In a turn, each player can do one of two things:
1. Play one modifier card from your hand.
2. Eat your food.

Mister Hipster currently has a plain old donut. The basic donut is worth zero points, so it doesn't make sense to eat it yet. Mister Hipster could play a negative card on an opponent's food, but he decides to take the safe route and plays "Lactose-Free" on his donut, causing the donut to increase in worth 2 points. In good fun Mister Hipster reads the result of his play, "I make a lactose-free donut." The turn ends.
Turn 2

It's now your turn, as the turn passes counter-clockwise between players. You have the same two choices, play a card or eat. Your cake is boring and regular, no sense eating it now, better play a card from your hand. You could play a negative card on Mister Hipster, but wow, you have "Rainforest Alliance Certified," the most powerful card there is! You play "Rainforest Alliance Certified" on your cake, reading aloud as you do. Your cake is now worth 4 points. The turn ends.
Turn 3

The turn is now back to Mister Hipster. Mister Hipster has just 3 cards left in his hand, that's because you may only draw when you choose to eat your food. Mister Hipster again has to choose between playing a card from his hand or eating his food. He decides to play a card, and this time he plays a negative modifier card on your amazing cake. Mister Hipster places "Pre-Sliced" from his hand onto your cake, reading, "you have pre-sliced rainforest alliance certified cake." The value of your cake just went down by 1 point, so the cake is now worth +4 points -1 point = 3 points. The turn ends.
Turn 4

The turn is yours, and you're a bit concerned. The cards in your hand do not have strong modifier values. You don't know what other tricks your opponent has up his sleeve. Your cake is worth 3 points, better lock it in that way before things get worse. You decide this turn to eat your food. You take all the modifiers attached to your cake, and place them underneath the cake card. You move the cake pile off to the side in your play area. At this point you have an option to discard none, some, or all of the cards in your hand and draw back up to 4. You don't like any of your cards, so you discard them all. Make a discard pile next to the draw pile in the center of the play area.

Since you discarded and now have zero cards in your hand, you may draw 4 cards to bring your hand back up to 4. Hmmm, you have some new card types this time, we'll see what those do in a moment. You take a new food off the top of the food pile and put it in front of you. You now have cheese! Your turn ends. You do not get to play cards from your hand if you eat your food.
Turn 5

The turn is Mister Hipster's again. Mister Hipster can play a card or eat. He plays a card. He plays "Soy" on his donut to increase it's value once again. The donut is now worth +2 points +2 points = 4 points. Mister Hipster smugly says, "I have a soy lactose-free donut." The turn ends.
Turn 6

It's your turn. Time to play or eat. You decide to play your newly obtained "Ironically" card, this card reverses negatives on any one card to a positive, or any one positive to a negative. You decide to play it offensively on your opponent. You reach over and say, "yeah, well your donut is ironically made of soy." Mister Hipster's soy card is now worth -2 points! In total his donut is worth +2 points -2 points = 0 points. Slide the ironically card partially underneath the modifier card it was played on, you will need to keep track of this at the end of the game. Your turn ends.
Turn 7

The turn belongs to Mister Hipster now. Having not eaten his food yet, he only has one card left in his hand. He decides not to eat and plays the card on your cheese. "Instant cheese" he says, smiling (he secretly loves instant cheese). Your cheese is now worth -1 point.

Normally that would be the end of his turn, but you have an ace up your sleeve! You have a card that says "Reaction," reaction cards can be played during another player's turn! You do exactly that, wagging a finger at Mister Hipster. "Sir, how quaint" you say as you play the card in front of you. The "How Quaint" card counters a card as it is being played, meaning that it has no effect and is discarded. Mister Hipster pulls his hoodie over his head in shame. Both the "How Quaint" card and the "Instant" card are discarded. The cheese is saved! For now. Mister Hipster's turn ends, and yours begins...
The Rest of the Game

At this point all the major rules have been explained. The game proceeds. At the start of Mister Hipster's next turn, he has no cards in his hand, in which case he must eat his food, no matter how bad it is. He moves his eaten pile to the side, gets a new food card, and draws back up to 4 modifier cards. The game continues until a player has the appropriate number of foods eaten in his play area. (The number required depends on the number of players. For a two player game, 6 eaten foods are needed to end the game). The game ends immediately when the last required food is eaten. All other uneaten foods on the table are discarded. Players now count their points.

The easiest way to count points is as follows:
Leave all your eaten foods in piles. Figure out your bonus points first by counting the number of cards in each eaten food stack. Whichever of your piles has the greatest number of cards (ties don't matter, just use the tied number), you get bonus points equal to the number of cards in that pile. If your largest eaten food pile has 6 cards (including the food card itself), then you get 6 bonus points. Then, starting with your bonus point quantity, look through all your eaten food piles and apply the modifier shown to your total. Remember to be mindful of reversed values from "Ironically" cards. Players announce scores. The player with the most points is the winner!