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Buffet Master is Out!
February 2, 2018

Well it's been a slightly longer than anticipated road to completion, but Buffet Master is ready to go! Come check it out in our online store! In other news, the reprint of Raft Race has also been completed, so after a another proof that will also be available. Welcome to 2018!


Welcome to Doomed Legion Games!

The Doomed Legion is a long persisting, long evolving group of table-top, board, and miniature war gamers hailing from Northern California. Over the years the Doomed Legion has, as a byproduct of constant gaming, produced a number of original game designs. The accumulation of inventions continued over time until one day, quite by chance and accident, the magical entrepreneurial seed was planted into the spirit of the organization. Now, behold! Doomed Legion Games is here!

Gamers Doomed Legion Games was officially founded in March of 2010. We offer several products in the board and miniature game categories, and we are always working to roll out more stock. We have countless games that are already designed or in development, but they await to be finally pushed through the long and arduous play-testing and pre-production process. Check back here regularly and you will find a slow but steady stream of new updates and developments.

Keep in mind when ordering from us that we are a small home-based company. Our product is carefully crafted using somewhat labor intensive methods, or made at a local print shop. We do not have extensive factory production lines, so there may be a delay for dauntingly giant orders. However, we have stringent quality standards and what we lack in speed we make up for in excellence.

We are seasoned miniature gamers and many of our game designs reflect that. All the fun and satisfaction of a miniature game is in collecting and building miniatures yourself, and most of our games encourage the art of home crafting. Miniature gaming is a do-it-yourself kind of hobby, and we love to support those who appreciate it for what it is. Our rulebooks feature information on customization, and we put out free guides for painting and modeling. We also suggest links to other websites that provide miniatures that work well with our games. Finally, of course, for those who like pre-made games out of the box, we have board game designs that are just that.

Feel free to look around the website. We appreciate feedback and any requests for support that you may have. Happy gaming!